Report Hopper didn’t start with a great idea, it started with a need… to provide beautiful reports for demanding clients.

As the Gig economy started to grow, freelancers and small agencies started taking on clients for different marketing projects. From running digital marketing campaigns to managing social media accounts, small and medium sized businesses have more ways to promote their business than ever before. Trying to manage all of these campaigns would be a challenge without the right tools. And for many years, that was the struggle of every marketing freelancer and agency. Although each marketing platform has developed its own reporting capabilities, consolidating and packaging this data into meaningful reports has only grown more difficult.

Report Hopper

Developed by freelancers and small agency owners, Report Hopper was created to meet the growing complexity of managing and reporting on different types of marketing campaigns. Until recently, effective reporting was only available within certain agency platforms, customized reporting technology, or those who could afford to hire groups of individuals to create monthly reports. Frustrated with the need for quick, automated, beautiful looking reports, Report Hopper was designed for the independent marketer – freelancers and agencies managing a small group of clients but having the same need… effective reporting at an affordable price. The best client relationships are those where companies pay for marketing services and they sees both immediate and lasting results. As marketers leverage visual tools to help document their work and show the positive impact they’re having for customers, trust and respect begin to grow.

The Solution

Report Hopper took on the challenge of providing a meaningful reporting platform that delivers the right information to clients while minimizing the time required for marketers to gather and create reports. We believe that you should spend less time on administrative work and more time with your clients working on their biggest business challenges. That’s why Report Hopper allows you to leverage data and analytic platforms you’re already using. We are continually evolving our reporting platform to provide meaningful information to your clients, ensuring a strong partnership for years to come.