Why we started this thing

Written on Aug 2, 2019

As a couple of freelancers, starting Report Hopper was easy.  Well, at least the idea to start it was easy.

We couldn't find a great way to let clients know what we were doing for them.  We were delivering great marketing services but needed to let clients know if we wanted to continue to have them as clients.  In order to do that, our options were to spend 2-3 hours per client each week compiling analytics and making a good looking report, pay a ridiculous amount of money to get the reporting software we wanted, or work with software that was so complex, it felt like we were driving the space shuttle to the grocery store.

We couldn't find easy to use reporting software made for people like us...freelancers and small agencies.  About every 5-6 months, we'd scour the internet looking for a solution, and time and time again, we were disappointed.  Out of this, Report Hopper was born.

As freelancers, we know what we wanted.  We wanted reports that look great.. customized to each specific client, but didn't take much effort to create.  Our clients wanted to know what we were doing each month and whether or not it was working.  We wanted to be able to showcase our work without having to spend hours and hours on non-billable activities.

We decided when developing Report Hopper that we were going to be the client - building software that we could start using as freelancers and small agencies.  People who worked from coffee shops and kitchen tables.  Sure, we could build in some super fancy features and try to get the big guys to pay a stupid amount of money for a SaaS solution, but that didn't scratch our itch.  Our goal was and always has been to offer a solution that allows freelancers to be...well...free.  Free to spend their time actually serving their clients.  Free to spend their energy being creative, not reporting about their creativity.  And free to keep the money they spend.  Yes, we have a free option, but even our paid solutions are geared toward a freelancer's budget.

We are happy to serve the customers we know and understand... and we'd love to hear from you about our product.  If there's anything we can do to make it serve you better, we'd like to know.  As we continually work to improve Report Hopper, we're interested in how you work and how we can make your client reporting easier. Our quest is to make this the best reporting software for freelancers.