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For now, Report Hopper is free. That's right, absolutely free.

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What do customers think of Report Hopper?

I moved from spending 2 hours every Friday building reports for my clients to 8 seconds.

Benjamin K.
Agency Co-founder

Report Hopper is the easiest way to keep my clients in the loop without burning tons of calories

Brittany B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

For now, Report Hopper is free. That's right, absolutely free. There isn't an extra level that you have to pay for - the top "enterprise" level is free. We don't want your money. Instead, we want our product to be used by freelancers who serve small businesses

Is the free plan really free?

You bet! Of course there are some limitations (we do have some families we want to feed over here), but it's absolutely free.

Can I white label these reports. I don't want my clients to know about Report Hopper?

Yes, If you have one of our paid plans, you can keep us as our little secret. Your clients will only see your branding.

We are a business and eventually we will need to make money. However, we just recently launched this software and we want it to be used. Long term, we will eventually charge for some of the premium features that our power users want, but not for a while. And, when/if we do decide to charge in the future, we will give you a super long runway to decide if it's something that you want to do.

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